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The Journal of Mediterranean and European Linguistic Anthropology is an international peer reviewed journal seeking to strengthen the junctures between linguistics and anthropology, in and for Mediterranean and European regions. The JOMELA is produced in collaboration with The GLOCAL – The Global Council on Anthropological Linguistics.

The Journal of Mediterranean and European Linguistic Anthropology encourages theoretical and pragmatic debates in fields including:

– ethnography
– symbolism, iconicity, and indexicality
– spatial and temporal frames
– agency
– (multi)methodology
– language contact
– multifunctionality
– revitalization
– universality vs. particularity
– inguistic relativity
– socialization
– communities practice
– language, globalization, and transnational flows
– language and identity
– the ethnography of language
– structuralism and post structuralism
– ethics in research
– critical theory and reflexivity
– cultural determinism and relativism
– sociolinguistics

The JOMELA solicits work that combines innovative rhetoric with intricate methodology, and welcomes the integration of both simple and complex rhetoric. Work submitted to and accepted by The JOMELA must be of sound methodological structure, yet must attempt to move beyond rigid convention in the field of Linguistic Anthropology, pertaining to Mediterranean and European regions.

Papers accepted by The JOMELA will display a progressive nature in the field of Mediterranean and European Linguistic Anthropology, and thus will effectively balance progressive and innovative themes, with attempts to critically extend (on) current work with respect to language and anthropology.

Editors in Chief

SOAS GLOCAL Editorship in Chief

Editorial committee

Aditi Bhatia (Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Adrian Pablé (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Irene Theodoropoulou (Department of English Literature and Linguistics, Qatar University)
Johanna Hanink (Department of Classics, Brown University)
Vijay Kumar Bhatia (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)